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Transform your lifestyle with naturopathic and disease prevention guidance any time, anywhere with our exclusive e-wellness programs. 


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At Rooted Vigor, our primary focus is disease prevention, but we love to help our clients evaluate their daily practices and teach them ways to potentially turn off destructive genes and turn on healthful ones, with focus on nutrition and lifestyle.


Dr. Mary Gamble is by far the best doctor I have had in a long time and I'm very lucky to have found her. She is patient, knowledgeable and so caring and sincere about my health.

— Shana B. NYC

With our care, you have our undivided attention.

Find out why this program is perfect for you.

More time for you.

We work with 3-5 clients at a time to ensure that we are able to provide clients full support.

A tool you can use.

It is important to us for you to have what you need. So we give you tools that work for you.

You are in safe hands.

We create safe programs that do not jeopardize health or interfere with your medical treatment.

See long lasting results.

With our programs, we don't want you to just complete them. We want you to achieve lasting results.

A 'just for you' plan.

From nutrition and physical activity to self-care and supplements, we create a tailored plan just for you.

Get ongoing support.

Even when you complete our programs, we offer you ongoing support to address your concerns


We can overcome many of the debilitating issues that destroy our communities once we understand how our lifestyle can turn off destructive genes and turn on healthy ones.


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When you are ready, you know where to find us

Changing a routine is tough, but we are here for you every step of the way. We are one text away when you are ready to receive the resources and high demand guidance. 


Start your journey simply.

Get started now on making a difference in your wellness by creating space for healthy lifestyle choices and crowding out the unhealthy ones.

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There is 'panic' in a pandemic, but that doesnt mean you have to.

Stay prepared for this pandemic by downloading our full naturopathic guide. This guide gives you the mind body and soul fuel needed to lower your risk of COVID-19 related conditions.