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Bowel Clean Out Blend

Bowel Clean Out Blend

This herbal wellness blend is a step up from the "Gentle Release" Blend intended to help ease symptoms of consitpation. Senna is the main factor of this blend as it can promote full cleansing and a large bowel movement within 8-48 hours of use. It is recommended that this tea be taken right before bed, so regular activity can remain uninterrupted.


Possible Side Effects: abdominal cramping before bowel movement (cleansing effect), Once the bowel movement is complete, this cramping will subside and you will feel much lighter. 


Includes: Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Yellow Dock Root, and Organic Senna


1.5 ounces (10-15 cups)


*Loose tea will come packaged in glass or tin, unless there is a special request.

  • Use 3 tsp of herb for every 6 ounces of water depending on the preferred strength.

    Tea bags are not included





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